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HBO - The Emperor's Newest Clothes (2018) Nominated for an ANNIE AWARD.

I did character/prop design, animation, and stayed on for After Effects Compositing. Completed at Starburns Industries. 

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie - CG Elements, Trailer Graphics

Nick Jr: Wally Saves the Trollidays -Show Open Animation, Set Dress, Lighting, Rendering, Comp

Nick Jr: Wally Saves the Trollidays - Featuring Tony Bennett! Animation & Comp

Nick Jr Beyond the Backpack Campaign Animation & Comp

BUGSTEP (2014) Original Short Film

Bill Plympton's Drunker Than A Skunk - Animatic Editor

Bruce the Moose [OC] & Little Airplane Productions - A Boy Named Finn - Character Rigging

Umbra (2011) first short film at RIT.

JUMANJI (2017) - 3D Previsualization & Camera Animation

Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness - Content Creator

Nick Jr Summer Anthem 2015 Animation & Comp

aescripts&aeplugins - Paint&Stick intro promo video

All 2D aspects.

ROBOTS IN SPACE (2013) Original Short Film

Spongebob Looping GIF for Nickelodeon Animation

Studio social media pages. 

Halloween GIF

Just a little fun with some VO work.

Beyond Reach (2012) second short film at RIT.

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